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The first impression when it comes to Indian Heart Vegetarian Restaurant:

Perhaps it is the feeling of lightness that brings the scenery. Entrance is quite lovely with water bowls, vines feels refreshed and friendly. Stepping inside, you'll probably feel a little surprise and novelty than usual. Not ostentatious, gaudy as the regular restaurant, vegetarian Indian restaurant Tam quite rustic, casual but still spacious, comfortable and cozy.

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With a quiet, peaceful, gentle; vegetarian dishes flavored and identities, nutritious, prepared with much dexterity as well as retreats activities, tea, Zen tea, calligraphy ... vegetarian Indian restaurant where Tam brings a touch gentle, pure in heart. The goal of the restaurant is to provide health benefits to the community, if you want a healthy body and balanced, vegetarian dishes at the restaurant is the wise choice for you.

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Features of the Indian Heart Vegetarian Restaurant:

- Vegan restaurant with pure space 
- where activity is periodic communication of SenvietMedia

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- Classroom Teachings Buddhism - Zen Living ca periodically week 3 week 1 and week (18g30-21g) 
- Classes calligraphy - calligraphy 4th FREE on a weekly (18g-21g) 
- Fishing Zen tea club 
- A place for celebrating your fundraising buffer monks

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Here, you can find boys feeling calm, warm brown wooden wall courteous, subdued yellow light, and the painting style of meditation. In particular, meditation melodious music will put you into a state of serenity, light tables in the soul.

Are you concerned about the nutritional content of each dish in a vegetarian Indian restaurant are full mind?

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Attentive to each of your meals, Indian Restaurant Tam offers a rich menu, which was researched and processed carefully to ensure always provide sufficient nutrients. The signature dish, separate, unused food should cost MSG vegetarian and totally healthy as well as keep the juicy flavor of vegetables, fruit, mushrooms ... natural.

Indian vegetarian restaurant also cares about the center and image color cuisine:

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The restaurant's special dish may be mentioned as an appetizer Press Center, vegetarian curry, Hotpot Prajna. No less sharp than usual dishes, Indian Restaurants in Center, vegetarian dishes are meticulously cared for forms aesthetically appealing, inspiring to enjoy. In particular, you can also build a menu according to their preferences in mind Indian Restaurant.

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Not only was a vegan restaurant with an extensive menu attractive, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Center is also the place where the French Quarter periodic phone of teachers and family gatherings where the guests, Buddhists near and far. Also, if non-Buddhists, you can still enjoy the Zen tea culture and shared on You I drink tea and meditate in a private space, pure.

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Style served at the Press Center Vegetarian:

With friendly staff, attentive, conscientious; peaceful scenery, elegant; nutritious vegetarian dishes, attractive. Mind Indian restaurants welcome you with all the warmth and sincerity. 

So why do not you try arriving with Indian vegetarian restaurant in the center address:  No. 18, Road A4 (K300 zone - Republic), Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City  to dive into space yen net quiet meditation with music, which will enable you to be able to dispel the deep sorrow of the soul and can alleviate the fatigue after a stressful working day.

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For more information, you can comment below, we will provide detailed guidance and assistance enthusiastically for you. Had good food regularly to see more luxury restaurant that is equally elegant !!!